What are you reading? TGIF edition

by chuckofish


I have read two good books recently, which are oddly similar.

My dual personality gave me The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets by Eva Rice,

the-lost-art-of-keeping-secretswho is the daughter of Tim Rice (Jesus Christ Superstar)–about an upper class girl living in genteel poverty in post-WWII England. I read it enthusiastically and with pleasure.

Then I bought a used copy of I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith,

31122about an upper class girl living in a crumbling castle in 1930s England, published in 1948. I enjoyed it also.

I wonder if Eva Rice has read I Capture the Castle? The plots of these two novels are different, although they both involve a teenage girl living in a crumbling edifice and romance and the tone is remarkably similar.

I enjoyed them both very much and recommend them as good summer reading.

Plus, I see on IMDB.com that I Capture the Castle was made into a movie in 2003.


The cast is good, so I may check it out this weekend.

I am not sure what to read next, although, as always, I have a big pile of possibilities.

2015-05-14 17.13.16

After a big work event today, I plan to take it easy this weekend. How about you?