This and that: “Toiling on, toiling on; Let us hope, let us watch…”*

by chuckofish

boyntonHere’s more pictures of that wonderful home overlooking the Missouri River that I covet. And another lottery ticket to purchase I guess.

Not that I buy lottery tickets. You know I don’t approve.

Here’s something fun to do this summer. TCM is collaborating with Ball State University and Canvas Network, an open online educational platform from Instructure, to present Into the Darkness: Investigating Film Noir, a free online multimedia course open to the general public.

Burt and Ava in The Killers (1946)

Burt and Ava in The Killers (1946)

Film Noir isn’t really my thing, but they are showing some good movies in July.

This is a really good album. And Fred Vargas has a new book coming out Tuesday. Life is good.


Have a good Thursday! Take time to smell the flowers!


*”To the Work” by Frances J. Crosby