25 and counting

by chuckofish

Son #1 turned the big 25 yesterday. He had a great birthday and is preparing for his traveling-man brother to arrive later today. I suspect that the birthday-celebrations will continue for he rest of the weekend, as they should.

those boys sure know how to party

those boys sure know how to party


But just when you think everything is hunky-dory, you discover that your grown-up, responsible son is now facing a  ‘quarter life crisis’.  He has left his fresh-faced youth

James at Sandhurstand without effective crisis management he is sure to age prematurely.

HIST 331 Spring 08 011

At least that’s what the internet says. Seriously, there’s an entire pinterest page devoted to the quarter life crisis.  What is it with the popular culture? Does everything have to entail a crisis? You’d think these people had been reading Tennyson (“Ah, what shall I be at fifty, should nature keep me alive, if I find the world so bitter when I am but twenty-five?”).

Fortunately, my own 25 year old does not seem to be in crisis at all — and I’m very proud of him for living life as he chooses. But just in case he wakes up one day and decides to jump on the pop-psychology bandwagon enter crisis mode, here’s my advice to him and other struggling twenty-somethings: stop worrying so much about what other people think! Have faith, work hard, and enjoy every moment (even the boring things or the painful dentist appointments) because they only come once and each one is a gift. Every event doesn’t have to be revelatory, it doesn’t have to be fun or make money, it just has to be noticed.  Carpe diem and party like it’s 1994!


Can you spot the birthday boy in this picture?