Let’s do Lunch

by chuckofish

Did you know that when it’s 8:52 pm in my little North Country town, the light is the same as when it’s noon on Pluto?  On Pluto, you would have your lunch in a sort of eerie twilight and this is what it would look like:


This is also what our new car, Calvin, looks like. He’s a Honda CRV. The name seemed to capture his spirit, which I take to be a cross between the gravitas of John Calvin and the playful wit of Calvin and Hobbes. Alas, Maureen met a bad end, sandwiched between a fuel tanker and the car that rear-ended her into it. Maureen was a great car and saved our lives. We are fine, but decided that the wise choice would be to go for a bigger replacement. And I do feel safer. I really like the color, too.

Aside from the car purchase and the discovery of the odd astronomical tidbit, we mostly took it easy this week, nursing our bumps and bruises and drinking copious amounts of tea. I also watched Shirley Temple in “Curly Top”  — Shirley is just the ticket after a near-death experience.  Seriously, watch her sing “Animal Crackers in my Soup”.

In other news, we had a visit from our local arborist, who brought light to our little yard and made it possible to mow the lawn without getting smacked in the head by low-lying branches.


Maybe now the squirrels will have a harder time getting onto our roof where they run around in army boots and sound like an alien invasion (probably from Pluto).

Ah, it’s the small things in life… take time to appreciate them and don’t take anything for granted.

Have a great weekend!