“I hate a man that talks rude. I won’t tolerate it.”*

by chuckofish

It was hot and humid here this weekend–normal for flyover country–but we managed to get out and about nevertheless.

I went to an estate sale and visited my favorite “antique” mall. I didn’t find anything except a copy of the “Charleston Receipts” cookbook by the Junior League of Charleston, 1950. Can’t wait to try some Huguenot Torte! I also received a package from Furbish–a gift to myself to remind me of my lovely time in Florida.


On Sunday the OM accompanied me to the Missouri History Museum


where we viewed the “A Walk in 1875 St. Louis” exhibit.

walk in 1875 st louis NEW

I enjoyed it, although it was a bit cartoon-y, as many (if not most) museum exhibits seem to be these days. They cater to what they imagine the public will enjoy/understand. All very well and good, but we were in and out of there in half an hour. We stopped at the gift shop to buy a cool map of St. Louis in the good old days and then headed over to one of my favorite restaurants, Cafe Osage, in the Central West End.


My phone battery was about to give out, so I couldn’t take a picture of my yummo “breakfast wrap”, but you can take my word for it, it was delish. The OM had never been there, and although he thought the neighborhood was sketch-tastic, he enjoyed his lunch. He felt like such a hipster.

I continued to read Lonesome Dove and am far past the point where I am already depressed that the book will end and I will have to say goodbye to Call and McCrae. I have mentioned before that they are both favorite fictional characters of mine, right up there with Philip Marlowe and Holden Caulfield. But the thing is, there are so many great characters in this book: from Wilbarger, the cattleman and Yale graduate, to the wild girl Janey and all the cowboys. I will miss them all. Now that’s a great book.

I remember trying to get my mother to read it back in 1987 and she didn’t. Go now, and read it!

Happy Monday!

*Captain Call, Lonesome Dove