“Wisdom has built her house, she has hewn her seven pillars.”*

by chuckofish

Well, this lady is still hauling things out of her basement.

I mean really. But as they say, sure and steady, gets the job done.

Meanwhile daughter #1 was Instagramming from New Hampshire this weekend


while daughter # 2 did so from atop the ferris wheel at the the Montgomery County Fair.


Good times. I have no idea what the boy was up to this weekend.

On Sunday after church I exhausted myself working in the yard. I went a little crazy with the electric trimmer, and then I had to clean up the mess. There are usually consequences to having too much fun.

Then I watched part of the Cardinals game. And I fell asleep.

I also watched The Apostle and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think Episcopalians could use a little more Holy Ghost Power. Make that a lot more.

Have a good week!

*Proverbs 9:1