The world is more than we know

by chuckofish


Once again I learned something interesting in an email from my flyover university about the death of an illustrious alum. William Becker, who was the head of Janus Films, was the uncle of one of my best friends growing up. I had no idea. I knew her aunt was a famous choreographer and I remember when her family went to NYC for spring break one year. ( You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown had opened on Broadway. Her next show was Grease.)

Eighth grade pre-contact lenses

But I did not know her uncle was so connected to the movies.

My friend was never particularly interested in the movies. Not like I was anyway.

Well, regardless, I am grateful to Janus Films for making La Belle et La Bete (1946), The Seventh Seal (1957), La Strada (1954), Rashomon (1950), Seven Samurai (1954), Tunes of Glory (1960)…and so on available to us all–first in American theaters and then on DVD.

It is a small world.