Big Time flyover news and some other stuff

by chuckofish


Well–yay–now we have our very own IKEA store in our flyover town. Woohoo. This is big news for us, but since I have been to the College Park store many times,  I’ll wait ’til the crowds thin out a bit before I venture down to see it.

Of course, there are always some weirdos zealous shoppers who camp out for days so that they can be the first ones in when the store opens on the first day. Prizes are usually involved.


Free meatballs for a year–not an incentive for me.  But far be it from me to judge–to each his own.

Speaking of to each his own, here is something from the Advice-I-Don’t-Need Department via Apartment Therapy:

Without logos, brand names and stores taking up free advertising real estate in your bathroom, the whole place looks cleaner. A little more streamlined and a lot more elegant. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Peel the labels off. Take your hand soaps and lotions and peel the sticky labels right off, cleaning up any stubborn pieces with a solution like Goo Gone.
  • Re-pot anything that needs a new container. Shampoo in a brightly colored bottle that’s totally messing with your chi? Funnel it into a shatter-proof bottle with a cork pour spout.
  • Use glass jars and bowls to wrangle small items. Take cotton swabs out of their cardboard boxes and cotton balls out of bags. Arrange bobby pins in a neat little bowl (IKEA is great for these).

Okay, I admit I already put cotton balls and Q-Tips in a glass jar and bobby pins etc in a variety of little bowls, but who has time to peel the labels off their shampoo bottles? Get a life, people!

I wonder why people are so obsessive these days about their living spaces. I blame social media.

Speaking of social media, here’s a funny picture I found on the John Wayne Facebook page.


You gotta admit: That. is. great. Have a good Wednesday!