Sing a song of seasons!*

by chuckofish

I  had a very busy weekend. I went to a “Vintage Market Days” fair with my friends.


I went to an estate sale where I bought this little guy.


I bought a pumpkin at the neighborhood Methodist Church.


They were rockin’ it big time this year with face painting and a bouncy house and music–the whole nine yards. I just bought a pumpkin and regretted once again that I am not cool enough to be a Methodist.

I went out to dinner with the OM and some old friends. When we got home Bullitt was on TV, so I enjoyed an hour of Steve before falling asleep.


I went to church an hour early so that I could meet my “mentee” in the youth group room at church with the other confirmation mentors. I  babbled like an idiot. Mine is a well-adjusted eighth grader who plays tennis and likes math–way ahead of me at that age–although I must say they all seemed so young and vulnerable. Especially the boys.

After church I cleaned my house up and made Episcopal Soufflé for my buddies who came over for dinner.


And now I’m back at the salt mine! Phew. Have a good week.

*Robert Louis Stevenson