Mid-week science snippet

by chuckofish

While I was working in the yard on Saturday I noticed two woodpeckers in the yard. I knew they were woodpeckers, but I wasn’t sure what kind they were, so I turned to the internet.

They were red-bellied woodpeckers.


(I did not take these photos obviously.)

Very cool birds. I have seen a Pileated Woodpecker in the yard–and they are awesome–but they are much more rare around here.


While I was looking around on the internet I found this. Watch the whole thing.

That mini-bear didn’t seem overly concerned with that large bird with the long beak, did he?

While we’re on the subject:

This happens to me regularly and I always blame chipmunks! Maybe that is why chipmunks are so over pileated woodpeckers. They are sick of getting the blame.

Well, I find these things interesting, don’t you?

P.S. Speaking of birds, I must report that our beloved Cardinals went down in flames yesterday in Chicago. The post season is over. Boo.