“The Blue and the Gray collided one day”*

by chuckofish

The Battle of Glasgow was fought 151 years ago on October 15, 1864 in and near Glasgow, Missouri as part of Gen. Sterling Price’s Missouri Expedition during the Civil War. A Union garrison of 800 men was located in Glasgow, under the command of Colonel Chester Harding. The size of the Confederate forces was reported as being between 1,500 and 1,800 troops.

General Sterling Price

General Sterling Price

Although the battle resulted in a Confederate victory and the capture of significant war material, it had little long-term benefit as Price was ultimately defeated at Westport a week later, bringing his campaign in Missouri to an end.


Glasgow is halfway between St. Louis and Kansas City, about 35 miles north of Columbia. Early in its history, Glasgow was a mecca of commercial activity, shipping vast quantities of hemp and tobacco from its steamboat port. Glasgow now ships large quantities of corn by river barge and rail line. Shipping by river is still possible because Glasgow is one of the few towns left with its commercial business district right on the river bank. Many river towns were left stranded, miles from the fickle path of Missouri River.


 It definitely looks like a place to add to the itinerary of  my imagined car trip to Kansas City!

*Eugene Field