Home again, home again, jiggety-jig

by chuckofish

Mary on horsie

Yesterday daughter #1 rode in from NYC for a little flyover R&R.

This time she will not be running in a half marathon but recovering from one she ran two weeks ago on Staten Island. ‘Taking it easy’ will be the byword for the weekend.

(Aren’t those white Keds the cutest things ever?)

I must also note that today is the birthday of my distant cousin, Dwight Yoakam!


Old Dwight (who is my age) has had quite a career.  Fifteen-time Grammy nominee and three-time winner, his music career has been stellar indeed. But he must be congratulated for doing a great job of transitioning from country music heart-throb to “character actor.”


Would that we could all do it as gracefully.

Happy birthday, Dwight! We’ll be toasting you big time tonight!