O, Comforter draw near*

by chuckofish

The OM circa 1956--picture him in the same get up in a wing chair.

The OM circa 1956–picture him in the same get up in a wing chair.

It turned cold over the weekend. We got a dusting of snow, but nothing to write home about. The windows were icy Sunday morning though. Brrrr.

It was a good weekend to stay in and needlepoint/read/putter. I also watched a few movies.

Let me just say, I am most definitely not a fan of Amy Schumer or Judd Apatow. But someone had left a copy of Trainwreck at our house and I had nothing to watch on Saturday night. I knew I would hate it, but I like to stay current, right?


I assumed I wouldn’t watch the whole thing, but I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised.

I watched the whole thing. Yes, it is vulgar, but the title character is a trainwreck after all, and the movie is about her figuring that out. There is actually a moral to the story. Spoiler alert: She cleans up her act.

I also watched Bulldog Drummond (1929), a rather bizarre pre-code movie starring Ronald Colman and a 19-year old Joan Bennett.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 2.59.30 PM

Colman was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor as Bulldog Drummond and he is, indeed, young, funny and very appealing–not the stiff-upper-lip epitomizer of his later films (think Random Harvest). And there is plenty of sexual innuendo in this movie, let me tell you. This 87-year old movie is worth checking out!

On Sunday night we celebrated daughter #3’s birthday (a few days late) with pizza, cake and ice cream.


Now it is Monday again and the salt mines beckon. Have a good week!

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