What are you reading?

by chuckofish


I read Elizabeth Strout’s new book My Name is Lucy Barton as soon as it came out last week. When I finished, I turned to the beginning and started it again. It is a slim novel, but packed with the good stuff.

I have sometimes been sad that Tennessee Williams wrote that line for Blanche DuBois, “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.” Many of us have been saved many times by the kindness of strangers, but after a while it sounds trite, like a bumper sticker. And that’s what makes me sad, that a beautiful and true line comes to be used so often that it takes on the superficial sound of a bumper sticker.

Mother-daughter issues, a lonely childhood, being a writer. She is terrific.


I am finishing up A New Song by Jan Karon, which I have been re-reading between other books. Karon always keeps me centered and calms me down.

“When the trees and the power lines crashed around you, when the very roof gave way above you, when the light turned to darkness and water turned to dust, did you call on Him?

“When you called on Him, was He somewhere up there, or was He as near as your very breath?”

I took my dual personality’s advice and ordered the mystery by Jussi Adler-Olsen. The Power of Her Sympathy is the autobiography and journal of the mid-19th century author Catharine Maria Sedgwick about whom daughter #2 is writing in her dissertation. I have to try and keep up.

And after watching Double Indemnity I thought it might be time to re-read some Raymond Chandler.

What are you reading?

(The painting is by Winslow Homer.)