Cute cat pics

by chuckofish


I took this picture of Ollie (one of the boy’s cats) a couple of weeks ago.  He and daughter #3 have three (yes, three) cats. They are cat people.

We had a cat once. His name was Marcellus, but we called him Cat.

Cat 2

He doesn’t look so tough in this photo, but he was a badass.

We got him because we were having an issue with mice at our old house. He took care of things swiftly and efficiently. He was a born killer. That is what cats do.

He also protected our home and children. He would sit up in the branches of a tree that overlooked our driveway and survey his territory.


Once a wayward black lab came trotting up the driveway while the kids (and our dog) played merrily inside the fenced yard. The cat waited until the dog was directly underneath him and then pounced on him from the tree limb. The poor dog never knew what hit him. Cat chased him away.

Once Cat brought home our corgi, who had gotten out. The dog, although cute, was no Lassie. I’m not sure he would have found his way home on his own. But before he had a chance to get really lost, the cat led him home. The cat and the dog got along fine, but there never was any question who was in charge.

Cat and WRC

As it turned out, I am quite allergic to cats and so we have never gotten another to replace our original Cat.

But then, he was kind of irreplaceable.

And this made me smile.