Throwback Thursday–snow day edition

by chuckofish

K&S snow

Here is a snapshot of the dual personalities fifty years ago–circa 1965–in Forest Park. There’s not a lot of snow in evidence, but by today’s standards, it’s a snowpocalypse.

We had a snow day yesterday, in fact–all the schools were closed.


A heavy, wet snow fell–we had about 4 inches in the morning–but it turned to slush very fast.


I went out to shovel our front walk and it was like shoveling a slushie. But a lot of people lost their power when tree limbs fell on power lines and transformers blew. It was kind of a mess.

Since I am still recovering from my bad cold/cough/flu/whatever, I was glad to stay home and, except for my brief foray into the yard, take it easy.


Sometimes there is nothing better than a Jim Rockford marathon.


Nothing makes the present look better than a trip down memory lane into the 1970s when detectives talked on pay phones, everyone smoked,


used styrofoam without guilt and drove cars that guzzled gas like nobody’s business.


No offense, Jim. You were the greatest. Even though nothing ever worked out for you, even when you solved the crime and nabbed the bad guy.


I mean, did you ever get paid? By anyone?

Have a good Thursday!