Picture in a Frame

by chuckofish

Winter finally arrived. We have had some interesting weather — ice, snow, rain,  then more ice, snow and rain, followed by cold, cold temps. Walking around is really quite a challenge. In the midst of all that and after years of procrastination, I was seized with the impulse to have a couple of pictures framed. So I did, and they turned out beautifully. I haven’t even fallen down yet (touch wood).

First, is a self-portrait that boy #2 painted in high school (I think), and which I’ve always loved because it really captures some elusive quality — and maybe it’s a little melancholy (and you know what a sucker I am for melancholy).

IMG_0521 (2)

As you can see, I have not hung it up yet. Nor am I capable of taking a photo that isn’t blurry or ill-lit. But you get the idea. Didn’t it turn out nicely?

The other picture I got framed is a watercolor of Dartmoor that I bought years ago in an antique shop in Okehampton, England. It’s not an antique — not even close, but I like it a lot. Once again, you have to use your imagination as my photographic skills  are on the weak side (to say the least) and the colors a tad washed out. Here it is leaning crookedly and blurrily against a chair in my family room.

IMG_0515 (2)

The prospect of spring’s arrival always makes me start planning home improvements. Certainly, new wall art is an easy way to improve a room. The portrait is going in the family room. I’m not sure about the watercolor. The green would go nicely in my downstairs bathroom, but that seems a bit of a waste. I’ll probably end up moving things around — spring improvements here we come!

Once I hang the pictures, I’m going to continue my big project, which is cleaning out  #1 son’s large bedroom closet so that I can use it to store family heirlooms that need more temperature control than the attic offers. It would also make an excellent linen closet. Onward and upward!

Enjoy your weekend!