Spare thou those who confess their faults*

by chuckofish


Spring is in the air and this weekend I worked hard at home.


I cleaned out the Florida room in preparation for it being painted this week.


Meanwhile the new neighbors moved in across the street. They bought the house last summer and it has been in the throes of a gut-rehab ever since. Zut alors! I hope they got what they wanted. The house used to be a mirror image of ours, but now it has an “open” floor plan and all new everything. I’m sure our 1958 home is hideously old-fashioned, but I like it. I always think of it as our Leave It to Beaver home and that is comforting to me.


I wish I could say I looked just like June, but these days I am much more in the Mrs. Mondello camp.


Oh well, c’est la vie.

I went to church on Sunday morning but passed  up evensong. I just wasn’t inspired enough to get back in my “church” clothes and return. Not that anyone else really cares about that these days. No one would blink an eye if I showed up in my old University of Wyoming sweatshirt and mom jeans, but I just couldn’t do it.

I am beginning to sound like a grumpy old lady so I will sign off for now. It’s going to be another busy week at work, but I have Friday to look forward to and a trip east to see daughters #1 and #2!

*From the General Confession, BCP