“O Piece of Bunting, flying high and higher That next October it shall flutter here: This is the end of every fan’s desire.”*

by chuckofish

John Mozeliek, Bill DeWitt and Mike Matheny in Jupiter, FL (photo Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)

(photo Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)

Spring is just around the corner. I know this because we see a lot of these guys–the GM, owner and manager of the STL Cardinals–on the local news these days.

Which is okay with me. I much prefer Redbirds to political commentary. And I should mention that our baseball team owners are like gods compared to our former football team owner. I mean really.

Ah, Fans, let not the Quarry but the Chase
      Be that to which most fondly we aspire!
For us not Stake, but Game; not Goal, but Race—
      THIS is the end of every fan’s desire.

*Franklin Pierce Adams, A Ballad of Baseball Burdens