Good night, everyone*

by chuckofish

I’m sure you’ve heard that Patty Duke has died. She was 69 and had lived one of those up-and-down Hollywood lives that have become stereotypical. She won an Academy Award as a teenager and three Emmys later in her career. And she starred in a sitcom.

Well, I was one of those kids who loved her TV show in the mid-1960s.

Don't you love that font?

Don’t you love that font?

Her family on the show seemed very normal to me and like people I knew. Remember her annoying brother Ross (with the glasses)? She wore headbands.

THE PATTY DUKE SHOW, (l-r): Jean Byron, Paul O''Keefe, William Schallert, Patty Duke, Eddie Applegate, 1963-66

Well, it just seems sad to bid her adieu, you know?

Earl Hamner, Jr. also died recently. He was the writer who created The Waltons back in 1971.


This was a show which I was too cool to watch as a teenager when it was first on, but which I enjoyed later in syndication, especially the first two seasons. It was a well done show.

This television show was based on a movie written by Hamner, Spencer’s Mountain (1963) which starred Henry Fonda and Maureen O’Hara as the parents of the same red-headed brood. I saw this movie as a child and was deeply effected by it, especially the part where a huge tree falls on the grandfather, breaking every bone in his body.  That was a terrible scene for my small self. The movie, like the TV show, emphasized the importance of a good education and the lengths to which some people have gone to get one. This seems to be a plot that is no longer popular.

Anyway, I suppose this has reminded me once again that I am no longer a kid. Thankfully these guys are still around.


And ageless.

*John-Boy on The Waltons