And it’s good night from him*

Ronnie Corbett, the last surviving member of the brilliant British comic duo, the Two Ronnies (on TV 1971-1987), just passed away on March 31. If you are not acquainted with this pair, you should be.

Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker

Ronnie Corbett (left), Ronnie Barker (right)

Theirs is classic verbal humor — full of puns and misdirection. It is never vulgar or mean spirited. It’s quite old fashioned. I believe they invented the comic news skit which included stories like this:

The perfect crime was committed last night, when thieves broke into Scotland Yard and stole all the toilets. Police say they have absolutely nothing to go on.

And we’ve just heard that in the English Channel, a ship carrying red paint has collided with a ship carrying purple paint. It is believed that both crews have been marooned. And now, back to our regular programme.

In honor of Ronnie Corbett and the kind of humor he represented, I give you what is probably the Two Ronnies most famous skit. Watch it all and enjoy.


Here’s to old-fashioned humor!

Let’s get some chuckles this weekend — we deserve it.

*from the traditional end-of-show of the Two Ronnies: “And now, it’s goodnight from me” “And it’s goodnight from him.”