Dance all night, play all day…

I can’t believe a whole week has gone by since my epic trip to St. Louis to celebrate my dual personality’s milestone birthday! We certainly did party hardy (as they say), and I need to put a few special pictures out there to remind everyone of these glory days.

On Saturday morning, I visited my BFF, Laura, and her family in their new house, which also happens to be where she grew up and where the two of us had so many great times and big adventures (remember the easy-bake oven incident?). I had such a wonderful time that (naturally) none of my pictures are in focus. This is the one that came out best.

IMG_0539 (2)

   Laura is wondering what the cat is typing on her computer…

Later, back at party central, the birthday girl, siblings, and guests got up to many high-jinks. We began maturely enough…

No, I am not wearing white tights -- those are my post-winter legs.

No, I am not wearing white tights — those are my post-winter legs.

And after the party girl dealt with the cake,

how many candles?

we enjoyed catching up with old friends.


Then the party really got started. Girls just want to have fun…


We survived the experience remarkably well considering some of us are old people, and next morning we were chipper enough to take more pictures.

IMG_0579 (2)

before saying adieu and heading our separate ways.

Thanks to my wonderful nieces (including my niece-in-law) for pulling it all together, and to my nephew for being awesome!

IMG_0560 (2)

That’s it for my ‘party of the decade’ recap. Stay tuned for next week’s post in which we celebrate my DH’s 25 years in academia with a charming group photo in the local paper, a nifty certificate, and a flimsy, plastic gift. In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful spring weather and ‘Shake it up!’ like it’s 1981.