News from across the pond

by chuckofish

We’re excitedly anticipating the return of Tim, son #3 soon (got the date wrong in original post). He has been in Edinburgh for the past semester, studying music and connecting to his Scottish roots.

Tim in Scotland Tim in scotland4

This last week he attended the Cordiners’ meeting in Glasgow with his step-grandmother (and newly-minted Ph.D.!), Beverly. Following family tradition from way back, my DH and all three boys are members of the organization,  which you can read about here. However, Tim is the first of this generation actually to attend a meeting. I gather he had a wonderful time and they seemed to like him. According to their website:

A highlight of the evening was the presence, and skilled performance on the piano, of Tim Melville, a visiting music student from New York State, who is a Fifth Generation Cordiner and who found himself installed as Trades Goudie for the evening,  opening the Box along with Deacon’s Goudie, Dr. Natalie Pierotti.

The job of the Goudies is to open the Cordiners’ double-lock strongbox.  As the website explains it, “The chests originally held the documents and money which belonged to the Incorporations.   At least two keys were required to unlock the boxes, to ensure that the contents could not be stolen.” Nowadays, the opening is ceremonial:


Now, if he can just figure out how to pack all his belongings into a single suitcase, his guitar case (including the instrument), and a back-pack, he’ll be all set for the trip home.

Can’t wait to see him!! That’ll be a grand mother’s day present, indeed.

A Happy Mothers Day to all of you!