Thought for the day

by chuckofish

I’ve been too deep in history this last week…I’ve been seeing too many remains of past glories; I can’t even look at a row of overpowering columns in a ruined temple without thinking of the men who built them and walked there. And of their great-great and not so great grandsons who let them be destroyed. Let them be destroyed? What else, when you counted the years of acquiescence and drift before the actual destruction began? yes, you looked at the temples, at the nobility of man’s taste, and you remembered the art and the law and the philosophy and the knowledge that had gone with them; and then you thought, unhappily, angrily, why did those men let all that pass out of their hands into alien control? They had something worth keeping and they let it slip away. At what point could they have saved it? The point just before they started to be afraid of dying? Better barbarians than death — had that been their comfort? And the beginning of their end? (Helen MacInnes, The Double Image, 1965)

Discuss among yourselves and have a great weekend.