Noli Timere

by chuckofish

Benny's Scarecrow (Jim Loper's coat) by Andrew Wyeth

Benny’s Scarecrow (Jim Loper’s coat) by Andrew Wyeth

After spending most of her life scanning the horizon for slights and threats, genuine and imagined, she knew the real threat to her happiness came not from the dot in the distance, but from looking for it. Expecting it. Waiting for it. And in some cases, creating it. Her father had jokingly accused her of living in the wreckage of her future. Until one day she’d looked deep into his eyes and saw he wasn’t joking. He was warning her.
― Louise Penny, The Long Way Home

Wise words to be mindful of this Memorial Day weekend…

Have a good one and don’t be afraid!

*Seamus Heaney’s last words, a tweat to his wife in Latin meaning ‘don’t be afraid’.