“Everything’s up to date in Kansas City”*

by chuckofish

I have been to Kansas City three times that I remember. Once I went to an advertising awards event when I was a the copy chief way back in the 1980’s. I remember going shopping at the Country Club Plaza with two very gay co-workers and having quite a time. I went again a few years later to attend a stewardship conference–not half as much fun. The next time I went to K.C. was as a chaperone with my children’s church choir and all three kids. That trip is kind of a blur. I’m afraid I can’t even remember at which church we sang.

Anyway, it has been at least twenty years since I last ventured there. This time the OM and I are just doing some genealogical poking around. I am going to try and get my bearings straight, if that is even possible since there is very little left, I think, of the old Westport area. Now it is hipster heaven.

Not that I’m not curious about this place.

So have a good weekend and think of me in the Big City.

*Rogers & Hammerstein, Oklahoma