Those who are considered good, resemble each other in much*

by chuckofish

It’s Eurocup Soccer time again and this year I’ve become an ardent supporter of the wonderful underdog team from Iceland, which has never qualified for the competition before. I mean look at them. They’re Vikings:


Everyone on the team has a name like Hörður Björgvin Magnússon, Ragnar Sigurðsson, or Birkir Bjarnason — there are no imports here. Something like 8% of the entire population of Iceland has made the trip to France to be supportive, and probably also because they get to wear Viking helmets and do awesome chants, which you can check out here (scroll down and you’ll find a video — ignore the whistling, it’s the Portuguese fans).

iceland fan

In their first game Iceland managed to tie 1-1 with Portugal, one of the very top teams. Scoring even one goal  seemed almost miraculous, so let’s hear it for Iceland! They play against Hungary today at noon… be there or be square.

P.S. Watching sports with the DH is a good Father’s Day activity. Also, boy #3 arrived last night to take part in the festivities. Fun times ahead!

*Icelandic proverb = Mart er líkt með þeim sem góðir þykjast.