Smoke in my nostrils*

by chuckofish


How was your weekend? Did you celebrate Father’s Day? The OM and I went to Ted Drewes for frozen custard after an annoying church service on Sunday.


Frozen custard always helps when it is too early to have a drink.

The boy and daughter #3 came over on Saturday night to celebrate Father’s Day. We barbequed hot dogs and beans. They brought over a leather wing chair-recliner from her grandparents’ house for the OM and now he will probably never get out of it again. We laughed a lot about that at his expense.

Earlier in the weekend he had hung up a shade in a bathroom, an endeavor that took 45 minutes of goddamits to finish, so he deserved all the rewards of the weekend.


The shade was my reward. Happy Monday.

*Isaiah 65:5