Freaky Friday

by chuckofish

Leon De Smet, A Girl by the Table, 1921

It’s Friday and the end to a busy week at work.

This went viral this week and I guess we know why.

Daughter #2 commented on yesterday’s post in a way that made me realize she had never heard the phrase “Go for the gusto, or don’t go at all!” and probably did not know its derivation–unlike us oldsters who remember those old Schlitz Beer ads from the 1970s. Here is one of them to jog your memory:

And here’s a little Freddy B. to start your weekend on a positive note, especially if you are feeling a little bummed.

God created us in joy and created us for joy, and in the long run not all the darkness there is in the world and in ourselves can separate us finally from that joy, because whatever else it means to say that God created us in his image, I think it means that even when we cannot believe in him, even when we feel most spiritually bankrupt and deserted by him, his mark is deep within us. We have God’s joy in our blood.

—Frederick Buechner, “The Great Dance” in Secrets in the Dark: A Life in Sermons, 240.

Meanwhile, tonight we can watch some good movies starring Olivia de Havilland (and Errol Flynn) on TCM.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 6.58.06 PM

Have fun this weekend and–


(The painting is ‘A Girl by the Table’ by Leon De Smet, 1921)