Snap out of it!

by chuckofish


Tuesday I received a care package from daughter #1. It was full of the treats she had planned on bringing with her on her doomed visit over the 4th of July holiday.

How sweet is that?

Tonight I will indulge myself with a face mask while reading about Viggo Mortensen.

And, hey, doesn’t this picture featured on Chinoiserie Chic look like my bedroom?!


Well, kind of. You get the idea from this badly lit iPhone photo, right?


We had a big storm yesterday and lots of people have no electricity. Luckily we have our power, but lots of tree branches and leaves came down. Quelle mess! Of course, the storm hit just as I was driving home–yikes–I thought my little car might blow away! Ah, flyover weather…

Have a calm and peaceful Thursday! The weekend is just around the corner…