A nether sky of fog*

by chuckofish

On Thursday this week the weather people promised to deliver severe thunderstorms. I waited all day for a storm that never materialized. No thunder, no lightening, not a drop of rain. Only sun and muggy, muggy wind. Much as I like the North Country, I have to admit that I miss the great storms of the Midwest and the eerie fogs of the UK. After Thursday’s weather bust, I took consolation in pictures from son #2’s recent hiking trip to the Old Man of Storr on the Island of Skye. In clear weather, a good photographer can’t miss:

old man of storr

Photo by BJE photography

But more often he or she faces an other-worldly landscape**,

chris on skye 5


chris on skye3

and darkly menacing.

Chris on skye2

Sunshine may offer great views but the muffled world of rain and fog is certainly a lot more dramatic.

Of course, it’s also nice if the person being photographed actually turns toward the camera once in a while. In case you wonder what boy#2 looks like, here he is facing the camera.chris on skye6

I’m all in favor of not letting weather get in the way of adventure but we should always take precautions and obey the warning signs.

Chris on skye

For now I’m content to live vicariously through pictures, and keep an eye on the weather for a good storm that I can enjoy while safely ensconced at home.

*Charles Dickens, Bleak House

**The foggy photos of Skye were taken by friend and fellow-traveler, Julie Collins.