Fat Baby Friday

by chuckofish


We return to Fat Baby Friday with a baby who was always quite a skinny-pants, but whatever. This photo was taken twenty-five years ago in the summer of 1991 when daughter #2 was learning to walk with the aid of her ever-helpful siblings. She is pretty excited.

And what about those Black-eyed Susans?

So do you have plans for the weekend? I am venturing to scenic Arrow Rock, MO, a village in Saline County, Missouri which has been designated a National Historic Landmark because of its association with Westward Expansion, the Santa Fe Trail and the artist George Caleb Bingham.


I am going with my adventurous friends Becky and Carla and we have tickets to see a play at the historic Lyceum Theater, a professional repertory theater that has been producing “Broadway-caliber plays and musicals” since 1960.


We should have a super fun time, if the heat doesn’t deflate us too much. But what am I saying? We are flyover natives and we do not let a little heat stop us from having fun!