Goodnight Attawapiskat*

by chuckofish

Or Happy 27th Anniversary to us. Yep, yesterday was the big day. We celebrated modestly because it was hot (in the low 90s) and we aren’t used to it. For dinner, I made this Bon Appetit recipe with fruit and refreshing white wine to accompany. My son’s wonderful girlfriend gave us these beautiful flowers.


Don’t they look nice on my recently acquired vintage tablecloth? In the background you can just see our tiny foyer, freshly painted by yours truly in a nice neutral shade called, of all things, “Beluga Song.” In the morning light it looks like this,


but really it’s not so dark, purple or gray (the flower picture is more accurate). Son #2 and I had a hilarious time choosing the color. Imagine what it must be like to spend your days naming colors. Our favorite was “Release the Hounds”, which we agreed would be perfect for an entryway, especially if the idea was to put people off.

release the hounds Was the  namer drunk, crazed, or just having an existential crisis? The mind reels! Then again, what does it say about us that we find paint color names so entertaining?

In other household news, the fern that I bought as a two-inch seedling a couple of years ago is now threatening to take over the living room.


Sometimes I think I hear it whispering, “feed me”. But not to worry, soon it will have a new home upstairs in the former Lego room. Yes, that’s right. With his brothers’ consent, this guy has begun the herculean task of dismantling, sorting and packing the Lego.


The picture doesn’t really do it justice but you get the idea. There’s a lot of the stuff. Someday the room will make a nice study/sunroom. Picture a comfortable reading chair in the corner. And the light is just right for plants. Stay tuned for updates.

In the meantime, have a great week, pay no attention to politics, and stay cool!

*The wonderfully evocative title of a Tragically Hip song.