Hats off to Yul!

by chuckofish

Last night son #2 and I treated ourselves to a Yul Brynner movie called “Escape from Zahrain”. In this fictional ‘Arab’ country, Ahmed (Sal Mineo) helps rebel leader, Sharif (Yul), escape from a prison truck. In the process, they are joined by Jack Warden and another convict. During their subsequent flight, they hijack an ambulance, complete with a pretty nurse (Madlyn Rhue). The rest of the movie amounts to a chase across the desert and one of Sal’s better death scenes. We enjoyed our viewing experience immensely, especially since Yul wore this unique headgear throughout the entire film.

Yul Zahrain 3

Let’s take a closer look:

Yul Zahrai 2

What…what is this hoodie-hat-shirt?

We were not sure of its purpose, but it got us thinking about all the other head coverings that Yul endured over the years. Take this fluffy white sheepskin confection from Taras Bulba.

Yul brynner taras bulba

Seriously. Only Yul could pull this outfit off and look proud to wear it!

or this alluring Egyptian Nemes headdress.

Yul as pharaoh

So sexy.

Sometimes he got to wear something more conventional like a navy captain’s cap

Yul Brynner Morituri

I like that turtleneck, don’t you?

or a cowboy hat.

Yul magnificent seven

Despite the headgear Yul sometimes sported, you have to admit that he was at his perfect best when his bald pate shined free, preferably with accompanying bare chest. Like this,

Yul as the king2

or this.

16924 011

One thing’s for sure. No matter what exotic B-movie part he played, he always played it straight and gave it his all. Here’s to Yul Brynner, a consummate professional and awesome manly man. They sure don’t make ’em like you anymore!