Up with the sun, gone with the wind*

by chuckofish

On Monday we moved son #2 and his lovely girlfriend to Syracuse, NY. My DH got to use his Tetris skills to pack everything into a 10 ft. Uhaul.

IMG_0663 (2)

When he finished, the entire truck was completely full from back to front and floor to ceiling. Fortunately, we had our two cars for the overflow. Syracuse is about 2.5 hours south of us, so we didn’t get there until about noon. Then the four of us got to work, and by 2:00, voila,


a furniture and box strewn apartment!


Exhausted and hungry, we walked (uphill) to the nearest eatery for pizza and beer.


Nothing fancy — plastic utensils and cups, and paper plates that disintegrated on contact with food. Still, the beer was cold (don’t worry, that empty pitcher was full of water) and the pizza cheesy and hot.


Soon after, we left the younguns to unpack, bid them adieu and hit the road. We were home in time for Tai Chi (btw, in the photo I’m wearing my official Tai Chi shirt) but we were too tired to go.  Maybe we’re getting too old for this kind of adventure.

Have a spectacular weekend, and remember, when you pick up a box, lift with your knees!

*Bob Seger, “Travelin’ Man”