“And I rose in rainy autumn, And walked abroad in a shower of all my days…” *

by chuckofish

September is a big birthday month in our families, starting with (I believe) our dear  grandmother, Catherine Carnahan Cameron. She got married on September 2, 1921 when she was still only 20. As I recall, her birthday followed within the next couple of weeks.


Tomorrow and Monday we celebrate the birthdays of these two happy cousins, Mary and Chris, respectively.


As coincidence would have it, Abbie, girlfriend of Tim (son #3) shares Chris’s birthday.


And Tim’s birthday follows in just two weeks. A late-arriving Libra, he’s the only non-Virgo in the bunch.

Here’s wishing you all super happy birthdays. Go wild and groove like it’s 1981!

May your next year bring you joy and success.

*Dylan Thomas