At the still point of the turning world (finally)

by chuckofish

“Go, go, go, said the bird: human kind cannot bear too much reality.” I’ll say. Having had enough of real life for the time being, I took a day off yesterday to drive son #3 back to his lovely Vermont college.  I had great company for the outward journey, and wonderful music, and very, very lovely scenery to look at. It’s leaf-peeping time in the north country.


Photos taken through the windshield can’t do it justice, but  groups of Japanese tourists are indication enough that the colors were magnificent. No kidding, here they are by the side of the road risking life and limb to take pictures, and looking in the wrong direction, I might add.


Once on campus, we had lunch at Tim’s nice apartment. And there I reached my still point; it was so quiet we might have been the only people on the planet. Bliss. In another life, I would have stayed for the whole weekend. Oh, well. You know how it is: “Time past and time future/What might have been and what has been…” So I turned around and made my way home, pausing briefly at my favorite antique store


to take yet another blurry photo. Then I drove off into the sunset — literally. The sun was in my eyes all the way home. For relief I looked in the rear view mirror at the perfect autumn light that I could have enjoyed had I been driving east. Even so, it is always nice to arrive home again, despite the work that awaits. One day’s  delightful respite is good enough for me!

I leave you with this, because maybe we should laugh at this crazy world a little more often. And also because a regular dose of Mr. Newman makes everything better.


* title and quotes from T.S. Eliot’s “Four Quartets”