“Be at peace, Son of Gondor.”

by chuckofish

Happy birthday to Viggo Mortensen (b. 1958) who is almost as old as I am.


We made a lot of jokes this past weekend about 28 Days (2000) and how we hoped daughter #1 would make a toast just like Sandra Bullock does in that movie and wear a black bra under her Maid of Honor dress,

28 Days (L-R)Dominic West and Sandra Bullock ©Columbia Tristar Television International

and that made me want to watch it again. This movie was the last one Viggo made before he was launched into the stratosphere of movie super-stardom as Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.


(Yes, we still have that poster hanging in the basement…)

Up ’til then Viggo usually played the second or third or (minor) male part. Frequently he was cast as a heavy and his career was all over the map, veering from Albino Alligator to Portrait of a Lady in one year. We made it a game for awhile finding Viggo in small parts in obscure movies–sometimes the movies were way inappropriate for pre-teens–but it was fun.

Anyway, I always liked 28 Days, even though it was not a hit. Which is typical.

So happy birthday to Viggo Mortensen.

P.S. My dual personality has actually met Viggo, since he is an alumnus of her north country university (where her DH is a math professor) and occasionally returns for events. I always thought Viggo kind of looks like that other north country alum…


Kirk Douglas! The chin you say, but not just that…

Have a great day! The iris bloomed!