Till the wheels fall off*

by chuckofish


How awesome is Dolly? I mean she really gets it done. One million books per month! Now there’s a woman to admire.

Of course, readers of this blog already know that we are big fans of the beautiful and talented Dolly and have been for years. Remember when daughter #2 was in sixth grade and had to pick a person who was a “creative producer” to report on? She picked Dolly (with encouragement from her mother). She won first place as the most creative producer!


Daughter #2 as Dolly Parton, holding a shoebox replica of the Grand Ole Opry.

And she taught her teacher a thing or two about the great Dolly Parton!

Anyway, it’s great to see that Dolly is going strong at age seventy–another lesson for us all.

Til the wheels fall off
Til the spotlight fades
I will lift your banner high
Lord, I will lift your banner high
And til the walls crash in
For the rest of my days
I’ll lay it all on the line
Til the day I die
Til the day I die
Til the end of the line
Til the day I die
It’s Your name I’ll glorify

–Toby Mac and NF