I am not some mystical vending machine*

by chuckofish

but I do know that we all need a break from  bitter political campaigning. And what better way to avoid reality than by dressing up for Halloween? Be adventurous. Go for horns and green skin.

son #1 as Lorne circa 2010

son #1 as Lorne from Angel circa 2010

If you’re not into dressing up, you might try watching something creepy (but not too scary). I’d recommend the 1961 film, “the Innocents”, with Deborah Kerr,

or perhaps the 1945 thriller, “The Spiral Staircase” with Dorothy McGuire and George Brent.

Movies can be incredibly deceptive, however, so beware. Shortly after discovering extremely cute Albert Finney in the delightful Tom Jones,


I remember tuning in to “Night Must Fall” only to discover that he plays a psycho-murderer. That was an unwelcome shift and a very disturbing movie. I’ll never look at a hat box the same way again…

Whatever you decide to watch, find something diverting. As for me…I’m not coming back to the present reality until after the election, and I’ll be very happy while I’m away, thank you.


*Lorne in an episode of Angel