“Out of the everywhere into the here.”*

by chuckofish


There were three baptisms in church on Sunday, including our favorite baby Avery Rose.


There was nary a peep out of either infant and the third-grader practically plunged his head into the font. I am always amazed by the composure of the kids at our church.

Speaking of babies, I know you are wondering about our twins. Well, it’s a boy


and a girl!



We are so happy!

In other news, I watched a very good movie this weekend–Free State of Jones (2016) starring Matthew McConaughey as a Confederate army deserter who returns to Mississippi and leads an armed rebellion against the Confederacy. Like the majority of southern soldiers, Newt Knight is not a slave owner and he becomes disillusioned with fighting for a government he does not support.


I liked it a lot.

Now we are on the verge of November. Zut alors! Where did October go? (I seem to say that a lot.)

*George MacDonald