Keep yore bat strate boy and all will be all right in life as in criket.*

by chuckofish

Despite the increasingly absurd presidential campaign and the inescapable feeling that “‘Reality is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder'”*, I’m feeling happy.  It was a good week.

On Thursday son #2 gave us great news: The University of Exeter (in Devon, UK) awarded him his Masters degree in English Literature (with a Film concentration)! Here he is a little over a year ago, presenting a paper at the Tolkien conference at Oxford.


Doesn’t he look masterful? We’re very proud of him!

Then,  yesterday, we celebrated my DH’s birthday.  I won’t divulge his age — let’s just say a few years have passed since his “Thunderbirds are Go!” glory days.

circa 1965

circa 1965

We had a quiet evening at home. For dinner, I served this salmon recipe from Bon Apetit with new potatoes and white wine. Much to my surprise, the dinner turned out perfectly. To top it off, all three boys called to wish their papa a happy birthday.

Now, add to those milestones the completion of our cottage renovation and you can see why I’m feeling cheerful.


Not bad for a wintry week in the North Country!


I like the way the taller trees are leafless but the smaller ones are still turning. It almost looks like the woods are on fire.

Remember, no matter what the upcoming week throws your way, if you keep your cricket bat straight, all will be well!

* Geoffrey Willens, How to Be Topp (1954)