Angels from the realms of glory

by chuckofish

As everyone is acutely aware, it’s gift-giving season. I don’t know about you but I always find it a little stressful finding the right gifts. My DH rolls his eyes when I mention this and invariably reminds me that he  has to buy me two sets of presents, since I have a December birthday. Poor, overburdened man. As a child, I always loved my birthday because it falls on the festive side of Christmas, when everyone is excited and there are lots of things going on. For obvious reasons, however, I did not have a lot of birthday parties.

Nevertheless, when my mother decided to throw a party, she went all out. At my second (and final) birthday party (was it fourth grade?), she made Christmas stockings for everyone to decorate — it was, according to one attendee, the best party ever. There were gifts, of course, but I only remember one of them. It wasn’t a toy or a book; it was a Christmas ornament, and the girl who brought it was embarrassed to give it. Apparently, her mother forgot about the party and just grabbed a new ornament on the way out of the house. I didn’t care, because her present turned out to be a beautiful angel with a red velvet robe and gold foil wings. The angel became my favorite party gift and I still have her.


She seemed divinely beautiful and every year I insisted on hanging her on the tree myself. Nor would I allow her to be packed away with the rest of the ornaments. Indeed, I still follow those rules today. Call me weird, but what can I say? This little angel is special. I bet the person who gave her to me doesn’t even remember the party, let alone the gift. Life is funny that way, isn’t it?

Don’t stress about finding that one right present or think you have to spend a lot of money. And never apologize that your gift is not good enough, for sometimes the least of things makes the greatest impact.

I leave you with Christina Rossetti’s wonderful hymn. Pay particular attention to the last verse.