Fat Baby Friday

by chuckofish


For Fat Baby Friday we have a photo of our mother and her adorable older sister Susanne circa 1927. You have to admit the look on that baby’s face is pretty priceless. I mean–the disdainful side-eye at such an early age!

Well, it is Friday at last! Here are a few things from around the internet that made me smile.



Here’s The NY Times’ lists of the Best of 2016. Not surprisingly, I have seen and/or heard practically NONE of their choices. (Points to them for including The Detectorists.) Ha ha. On that note…

Since Victor McLaglen’s birthday (1886 – 1959) is tomorrow, I suggest choosing one of his many great films to watch.




How can you go wrong?

Have a great weekend. Only 22 days ’til the end of 2016.