Hey, anyone can dream*

by chuckofish

I’m getting there, but whenever I feel as if I’m nearing Christmas readiness, I remember something I haven’t done yet: cards; baking; wrapping; mailing packages… Okay, so I’ve got a way to go. Nevertheless, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, as they say. The view out my dining room window this morning certainly fit the bill.


My plan to drive to UPS to send my packages is on hold for the moment, but there’s plenty to do inside, including loads of end-of-semester grading. Still, we’re coming along. I found a perfect little boxwood centerpiece.


It even has a string of little LED lights to make it twinkle at night. Note, too, the vintage Santa candle that my DP sent to me. Yes, as you can see in the photo’s background, our big tree has been up for a week without lights or decoration, but the presents are accumulating nicely.


Note the flower-free Christmas cactus. Horticultural failures aside, I am making progress. Amazon boxes keep arriving and boy #3 should be here soon as well. We just don’t know when or with whom. There’s been talk of his girlfriend accompanying him, but so far no firm information, so flexibility is my watchword. In addition to the various humans in the house, we will host one new guest this Christmas. Meet Evelyn, Tim’s new cat.


This has sitcom written all over it. But will it be a family friendly funny 1960s TV show, a predictably stupid and vulgar modern movie comedy, or a  clever and witty  Noel Coward meets Terry Pratchett verbal duel? Just as long as we don’t end up in an existential crisis feeling that “l’enfer c’est les autres” we’ll be okay. Knowing us, which version do you bet on?

*Gregory Alan Isakov, “Evelyn”