“You see, George, you’ve really had a wonderful life.”

by chuckofish

Last night we watched It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) which I had not viewed for quite a few years. It is best to let some of these old chestnuts rest for awhile; then when you do watch them again, you think, “Wow! That was pretty good!”

its-a-wonderful-life (1).jpg

And it was good! It is a little depressing before you get to the final payoff, and it is overly long in getting there, but I do appreciate the message about the power of prayer.

Unbenownst to George Bailey, a lot of people have been praying for him as well and an angel has been dispatched to help him.

(You can read what Jimmy Stewart remembered about the movie years later in an article in Guideposts Magazine here.)

The film was not a success at the time, but over the years, and especially after it became a staple on television, it became a Christmas classic. So add it to your list. Five days ’til Christmas to watch it!

Here’s what Bosley Crowthers wrote about it in The New York Times back in 1946.