Sipping chicken soup with rice*

by chuckofish


A new year and a new calendar! I am not one for resolutions, as you know, but I am thinking of having a Drynuary.

Have you heard of Drynuary? It’s when you take the month of January off from drinking or “spending the entire bleak stretch of January totally sober as a sort of counterweight to holiday overindulgences.”

Experts say that it just leads to bingeing as soon as the calendar hits February 1, but, despite its stupid name, it seems like a worthwhile endeavor to me. It’s time to get back into my pre-holiday routine.

I’m also going to work on a needlepoint project and watch some favorite Debbie Reynolds movies…How the West Was Won (1962)


Tammy and the Bachelor (1957) which is surprisingly affecting,


and my personal favorite, My Six Loves (1963)–the one about the burned out Broadway star who goes to the country for a rest and finds six runaway kids living on her property.


In other words, I’m going to take it a little easy as work heats up and the weather turns wintery.

*In January it’s so nice,
While slipping on the sliding ice,
To sip hot chicken soup with rice.
Sipping once, sipping twice,
Sipping chicken soup with rice.

(Maurice Sendak)