Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses*

by chuckofish

I’ve been watching a lot of television lately. In these winter months when I frequently come home after it’s already dark out, I all too often curl up on the couch in the den and stay there. So whether I’m watching a movie or binge-watching Fuller House, season two, on Netflix, which by the way is sensational,


I try to do something else at the same time so I won’t feel too bad about myself.

Here are some ideas for those of you who think you also spend too much time as winter couch potatoes:

Count all the change that has been piling up in bowls all over the house.

IMG_2372.JPGFinish one of those needlepoint projects you’ve started. If needlepoint is not your thing, any craft will do.


Indulge in beauty treatments. I mean, we all need remarkably radiant skin, right?


Any more ideas?

When I’ve had enough of watching the old boob tube, I go back to a book. Right now I’m re-reading The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett, which is excellent.


Unfortunately, reading in the evening usually sends me straight to dreamland and then, before I know it, the alarm is going off and it is time to get up and go to work!

Well, thank goodness it is Friday again. Have a great weekend!

*Toby Keith (I’d forgotten how great he is)