Fun facts to know and tell

by chuckofish

Today is the birthday of Lou Diamond Phillips, born Lou Diamond Upchurch in 1962. His American father was Scots-Irish/Cherokee and his mother Filipina, allowing him to play a wide range of ethnically varied characters.


LDP as the King of Siam

In case you were wondering–as I did–he was named after Marine legend Master Gunnery Sergeant  Leland Sanford “Lou” Diamond (May 30, 1890 – September 20, 1951) who was revered as the classic “Gunny”–a tough, hard-fighting career Marine who served in the corps in the years from WWI through WWII. (Bonus point: Diamond was an Episcopalian.)


Isn’t that interesting? I think so too. Surprisingly, there has never been a movie made specifically about  Lou Diamond, but his “type” is recognizable in many movies and  in NCIS.

Fun fact #2: Lou Diamond Phillips was in the episode “Red Tape” from season three of Miami Vice (1987) in which Viggo Mortensen dies before the credits.


Viggo and Lou play detectives about to get their gold shields, Eddie Trumbull and Bobby Diaz. Following standard operating procedure, they call Rico and Sonny for help executing a search warrant, unaware the residence door has been rigged with explosives until Trumbull dies. Annette Bening also has a tiny part in this episode.

Well, it might be time to unearth this classic episode and watch it tonight.

This is how my mind works. Have a good weekend.