“In the falling quiet there was no sky or earth, only snow lifting on the wind.”*

by chuckofish

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week we got the blizzard that the weather people mistakenly forecast for NYC. All three of my sons — spread out though they are from DC to Syracuse to northern Vermont — enjoyed days off. Almost everything up here shut down: all the schools, both state universities and most state-run organizations closed; the mail went undelivered, and the garbage uncollected. By contrast, the DH and I received multiple emails reminding us that classes at our universities had NOT been cancelled. Oh, well. What’s 20 plus inches of snow or instructions from the state police to stay home? The show must go on…

Driving home from work on Tuesday in whiteout conditions was exciting to say the least. Unfortunately, my photos don’t capture the howling winds that caused all the problems, but this picture does.

I got this from Google. It’s not my storm, but it could be.

I felt as if I belonged in an arctic horror movie — something with wolves and polar bears lurking. Still, it wasn’t all bad.

Despite the back-breaking shoveling that this storm required afterwards, it also restored my faith in people. Everyone pitched in to help each other. People stopped to chat and commiserate. My heroic snowblowing neighbors rescued the rest of us after the snowplows walled off our driveways. After the storm stranded one family in New Hampshire, several of us dug out their driveway, sidewalk and porch so they could get in when they returned.  The work was satisfying and the cameraderie decidedly uplifting.

Now we have blue skies, killer icicles (note how some have detached and stabbed the snow),

and ice-dam floods. In one nearby town, a mile-long ice dam diverted the river onto the streets with predictable results.

picture from North Country Public Radio

Never mind, spring break began yesterday, and although I have plenty of work to keep me occupied, none of it involves grading. Life is good!

*Truman Capote, “Miriam”